Dolphin Liberty

The new generation of cordless pool cleaners give you exceptional performance and peace of mind. Loaded with innovative features, the new Liberty 400 does an even better job of cleaning any pool type without the potential hassle of tangled cords. Discover why the Dolphin Liberty line of cordless robotic pool cleaners from Maytronics are an effortless way to keep your swimming pool clean and sparkling.

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Dolphin Liberty cordless pool cleaners:

  • High durability brushes
  • Unmatched filtration system
  • Cordless design for ultimate agility
  • Walls and waterline cleaning
  • Intensive scrubbing power
  • A whole week’s cleaning on one charge
  • LED notifications
  • Customised cleaning cycle
  • End of cycle pick up - click up your Liberty and pick up from the waterline
  • Magnetic connect for inductive charging