Marina Pools Capalaba provides a complete range of pool care services and support

With over 30 years of local experience, you will enjoy professional, friendly service and advice to enhance the enjoyment of your pool.

Your Convenient Choice for Pool Equipment and Chemicals


With a great range of pool equipment and chemicals, Marina Pools Capalaba is your convenient and efficient pool maintenance supplier.


pool equipment and chemicals

Pool Equipment

tore, our team will provide free quotes and advice, ensuring you get the very best options for your pool.
With our wide range of stock, you can conveniently get all of your pool requirements quickly and easily.

Marina Pools Capalaba is your local pool equipment specialist for all types of equipment and accessories, including:

  • Pool cleaners
  • Pumps
  • Chlorinators
  • Filters
  • Pool toys

In addition to new sales, we also carry an extensive range of spare parts and accessories, with repairs available both in-store and on-site. If you’d like to enquire about on-site maintenance, you can call us directly on 07 3245 1966 or enquire here.

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Pool Chemicals

Combined with our free in-store water testing, our range of quality pool chemicals ensures you can enjoy clear, sparkling water year round.

Sourced from the world’s best brands, our pool chemicals ensure that you can confidently maintain your pool at its best.

Exclusive Distributors For Leading Pool Equipment and Chemicals Brands

Our reputation for quality pool care, has also enabled us to become the area’s exclusive distributor for some of the world’s best poolcare brands, including:

  • BioGuard Chemicals
  • Hayward
  • Maytronics
  • Evolution
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Our Pool Equipment Suppliers Include:

  • Pentair – Equipment and Spares
  • AIS – Equipment and Spares
  • Zodiac – Equipment and Spares
  • Spa Electrics – Equipment and Spares
  • Minder – Equipment and Spares
  • Waterco – Equipment and Spares
  • Reltech – Equipment and Spares
  • Onga – Equipment and Spares
  • PhPerfect – Distributor


So, for the very best in pool care, visit Marina Pools at Shop 26, 200 Old Cleveland Rd, Capalaba. Whatever your needs, we’ll be ready to assist with the pool equipment and chemicals you need for your pool.

Best quality in-store water testing, for the best pool clarity

Getting free in-store water testing is a great way to experience the quality difference at Marina Pools.

Using state of the art computerised BioGuard water testing you will receive the best available analysis for your pool water.

Along with the assistance of our friendly staff, we can then use your test results to help you get the best water quality for your pool. As exclusive local distributors for the BioGuard range of pool chemicals, we can supply you with the world’s best!

Located in Capalaba, our store is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

In-store Water Testing That Saves You Time and Money

If you’ve been struggling to find a pool shop that can help you get your pool water clear, or you just want to maintain optimal water clarity, our in-store water testing will help you do exactly that. In fact, by proper testing and the experience to understand what’s happening with your pool, you can avoid the costly guesswork of DIY testing.


pool equipment available at marina pools capalaba

Why get in-store water testing for your pool?

There are some very good reasons why you should regularly have your pool water tested. The right chemical levels in your pool ensure:

  • Your pool water is healthy and suitably sanitary for swimming
  • The surfaces of your pool are not being damaged from poor pH or calcium levels
  • That your pool is inviting to swim in, with clear and sparkling water.

As weather, swimming frequency and other factors can change the chemical levels in your pool in a relatively short period, regular in-store water testing is highly recommended. This will enable you to accurately maintain or restore the ideal swimming environment in your pool.

Marina Pools – your in-store water testing professionals

So if you’ve got a pool to maintain, why settle for less than the best? Head in-store to Marina pools for you free in-store water testing.

On-Site Pool Cleaning For Redlands, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Marina Pools Capalaba is here to help with all your on-site pool cleaning needs.

Pool Cleaning Services Include:

  • Regular Servicing and Holiday Maintenance
  • Green Pool Clean Ups
  • Equipment Repairs – Filters, Pumps, Chlorinators, Pool Cleaners
  • New Equipment Supply and Installation
  • Servicing Residential, Commercial and Real Estate Pools

To discuss your cleaning and servicing requirements for your pool, contact us using the form below or call us on 07 3245 1966.

in-store water testing

Like us to take care of your pool cleaning?

Are you ready to spend more time enjoying your pool, instead of cleaning?

Or, do you need to restore water clarity?

Contact the Marina Pools team today… our on-site servicing and pool cleaning can making owning a pool fun again!


A message from our of our pool cleaning customers


“Before we had Marina Pools Capalaba service our pool, we had continually struggled to keep our pool clean.

It seems that no matter how much we filtered the pool, we were spending far too much on chemicals and just couldn’t keep it clean. We had three other pool shops out to look at it, but they just sold us more chemicals and couldn’t solve the problem.

On the first visit from Marina Pools, the technician quickly identified that our pump hadn’t been installed correctly. No wonder our pool has been so hard to keep clean! A simple change in the piping rapidly improved the effect of pool filter. What’s more, maintaining our pool became so much cheaper. As a result, we’re now only using about 1/3 of the chemicals we used to use. We’ve continued to use Marina Pools since to help maintain our pool and always find their on-site service to be exceptional.

Thanks Marina Pools for making pool cleaning simple and affordable!”


– Ian D.