Liquid Stabiliser


BioGuard Liquid Stabiliser mixes in water instantly, and can be applied directly into pool water or into the skimmer. Using this product reduces chlorine use and maintenance costs.

Product Features:

  • Stabilises chlorine to protect from UV loss.
  • Mixes in faster than granular or powdered stabiliser.
  • Preserves residual chlorine.
  • Not for use in pools on a bromine system.
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good.


  • No pre-dissolving = Less time managing your pool.
  • Saves money as it reduces chlorine usage by up to half.
  • Easily applied directly into pool water, or into skimmer.
  • Ideal for all outdoor pools.
  • Great for use with cyclone pre-filters.
  • Perfect for pools with cartridge filters.
  • Ideal as a mid season top-up.