Best quality in-store water testing, for the best pool clarity

Getting free in-store water testing is a great way to experience the quality difference at Marina Pools. Using state of the art computerised BioGuard water testing you will receive the best available analysis for your pool water. Along with the assistance of our friendly staff, we can then use your test results to help you get the best water quality for your pool. As exclusive local distributors for the BioGuard range of pool chemicals, we can supply you with the world’s best! Located in Capalaba, our store is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

In-store Water Testing That Saves You Time and Money

If you’ve been struggling to find a pool shop that can help you get your pool water clear, or you just want to maintain optimal water clarity, our in-store water testing will help you do exactly that. In fact, by proper testing and the experience to understand what’s happening with your pool, you can avoid the costly guesswork of DIY testing.

Why get in-store water testing for your pool?

There are some very good reasons why you should regularly have your pool water tested. The right chemical levels in your pool ensure:

  • Your pool water is healthy and suitably sanitary for swimming
  • The surfaces of your pool are not being damaged from poor pH or calcium levels
  • That your pool is inviting to swim in, with clear and sparkling water testing

As weather, swimming frequency and other factors can change the chemical levels in your pool in a relatively short period, regular in-store water testing is highly recommended. This will enable you to accurately maintain or restore the ideal swimming environment in your pool.

Marina Pools – your in-store water testing professionals

So if you’ve got a pool to maintain, why settle for less than the best? Head in-store to Marina pools for you free in-store water testing.